December 29, 2016

7 of the Best Eco-lodges in Australia

Are you an environmentally conscious traveler looking for relaxing spot for your next holiday? If so, you have made an excellent, eco-friendly choice. Australia is recognized around the globe for exceptional eco-tourism and there is no shortage of excellent eco-lodges to choose from.

Raising Aquaponic Seedlings For The Lazy

Ask most people why they got into Aquaponics and they’ll tell you that its about “food security” or eating “healthy food” or to maintain an interest in an “unusual hobby” and these are all valid points but the real answer when you dig a little deeper is that most people are bone lazy when it […]

Time for Sustainable House Design

While the Federal Government is making half-hearted commitments to energy efficiency, trail-blazing architecture firms like G-O Logic Homes and Victoria’s own Sunpower Design are proving that sustainable housing need not cost an arm and a leg – nor necessitate the owning of a hair shirt.

Green gold?

It’s easy to be green these days, however when it comes to buying ‘green’ wedding and engagement rings, it can be a little more difficult. Finding a jeweller who can work with recycled metal or can supply you with ethical and traceable diamonds is not as easy as walking down the high street and popping […]