December 31, 2016

Energy efficient fridges – a waste of money or saving the planet?

Although energy efficiency appliances have improved dramatically over the past decade, we’re always a little cautious about recommending highly rated energy efficient fridges to our eTool clients, as the main focus is on temperature performance to keep food fresh for longer periods, which can become problematic when looked at a little more closely.

Gas or Electricity?

At eTool, we’re passionate about reducing the carbon intensity of buildings first and foremost. It’s what we live and breathe, so we try to look at every consideration when putting our design recommendations forward…we don’t take it lightly!

How to make your home environmentally friendly, warm and still save money this winter

An eco-friendly home will save electricity and energy which in turn will lower your expenses towards it – that much, I know is true. Begin by looking into a few areas where you think you can make the biggest difference; remember that the smallest changes can sometimes have some of the biggest impact.

Davey’s Quick Tips #1: Be a Joule Thief

The humble measurement of energy, the Joule, was named after the singer songwriter Gary Jules* most famous for covering Tears for Fears’ Mad World on the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

Monitor your electricity use to find REAL savings!

Back in 2000 Sydney-based Ross Halliwell hit upon a simple solution to reduce domestic household energy consumption when he found that there was no device available for the average Joe to measure their electricity consumption in the home.