December 29, 2016

Top 10 Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Vehicle

Together with Chris Jones, Vice President of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association or AEVA, after working on the Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Vehicle, we have put together a list of the top 10 things to consider before purchasing an electric vehicle in Australia.

5 Water Saving Tips

Energy usage through water heating can account for up to 25% of all home power usage. Therefore it’s a great idea to see where savings can be made, not only to reduce usage of natural resources, but also to save dollars when the quarterly bill hits the mailbox.

10 Household Products That Use More Energy Than You Think

When you think of energy guzzlers what’s the first appliance that comes to mind? You’re probably thinking clothes dryers and fridges, which are certainly major culprits. However there are worse offenders out there that you might not suspect. 

The Rise of Solar Power in Australia

In 2007, just 8,000 rooftop solar PV systems had been installed across Australia. By early 2013, the country had 1 million rooftop systems. But it’s not just a small group of wealthy environmentally-conscious individuals driving the change – research indicates that the rapid uptake of solar PV systems in Australia is thanks to ordinary Australian […]

Energy In, Energy Out: Net-Zero Homes Produce as Much as They Use

By now, most green-minded folks have at least been a passenger in a hybrid automobile. These cars run on renewable, battery-powered electricity in city driving and stop-and-go traffic, then turn to their small but efficient gasoline engines for cruising down the highway ñ and when the car’s batteries need to be charged.

Living greener with home entertainment and technology

Home theatre systems, smart phones, game consoles and computers are transforming our homes into modern hives of connectivity and entertainment. As the number, size and variety of home gadgetry ramps up – so do our power bills. It’s a good time to be aware of hidden energy costs.

Who’s afraid of feed-in tariffs?

CLIMATE SPECTATOR reports: Feed-in tariffs were always set to be controversial – they turn the electricity market on its head by opening it for true competition.

Queensland Police Service Tenants Power Station.

Before the “Occupy” protests across the world began to occupy the newspapers I recall reading about a spate of solar panel thefts. When you think about it, these panels are ripe for the picking – big dollars left unattended and ready for resale. Maybe that’s why one of Brisbane’s largest solar systems is being created […]

Push for Solar Thermal Plant

THE TRANSCONTINENTAL reports: An organisation that wants to convert Port Augusta’s power stations to solar thermal plants visited the city again last week to further promote its bold vision for future power generation.

Politicians Question the Role of Gas in Australia’s Energy Future

Politicians have raised fresh questions about the role of coal seam gas in Australia’s energy future.