December 30, 2016

Fracking – An Open Letter from Olivia Newton-John

Open Letter to My Fellow Australians: I love this country, its people, its rugged beauty, its rainforests, its vastness and unique wildlife.

Berlin – Green city in a Green nation.

It is obviously in Germany’s interests to both push solar power and use it. They make most of the good solar panels and it is one of their most important exports. As well, following Fukushima, they have decided to shut down ALL their nuclear plants within the next ten years. Of course, they may still […]

Solar Thermal Shines On in the United States

Another large-scale concentrating solar thermal project is underway in the United States thanks to strong financial support from the Federal Government. The news is the latest example of the United States moving forward with investment in renewable energy.

Davy’s Quick Tip #2: Polly Put The Kettle On.

We, as subservient members of the British Empire, love to quaff a cuppa at any time of the day with nary an excuse needed. Whether it be by mug, cup, infuser, or pot – we’re loving it. We’re saying pass the honey, honey. Pass the sugar, sugar. And pass the tea, bag. And getting slapped. […]

America Powers Ahead With Renewable Energy Projects

The United States has further demonstrated its commitment to renewable energy this week, as it pledges to funnel public investment toward the massive Ivanpah concentrating solar thermal (CST) power plant. Backed by private sector financing from the likes of Google, BrightSource’s latest CST project is set to be the world’s largest power tower.

Solar in the media

One of the most intriguing displays at Las Vegas this year at the N.A.B. (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention was the large solar and alternative power walk.

Time to Green your Business – Carbon Tax or No Carbon Tax!

Australia is looking to introduce a Carbon Tax and while we may not know all the details at the moment, consider this a fantastic opportunity to get your business into shape!

The Green Label List

Have you looked at the multitude of logos and labels that come on products and food nowadays? So what do they all mean? My Green Australia have done the leg work and found out all the labels and what they mean to make it easier for you to make choices about what you buy!

Particularly lovable public transport

I have traveled quite a bit over the years for work and for holidays, study and cultural exchange. Note that I have probably planted enough trees in my life to balance this activity’s carbon spew quite nicely.

Are Crops for Food or Fuel?

In February of 2008 a study in Science by Timothy Searchinger of Princeton University found that counting the indirect greenhouse gas emissions from land use changed, ethanol is actually worse for the environment than petrol.