December 30, 2016

How to Clean your Oil Brushes and Save Some Money

After obtaining a bachelors degree from University in chemistry and IT, I began giving art classes in 2008 teaching students of all age groups and genders. In that time I have seen a lot of misinformation about the perils of oil painting, how the fumes are toxic, and the paint is not natural and you […]

Travelling Sustainably Up the East Coast

Living green presents its many difficulties that are often solved by simple planning and preparation, but when we hit the road and travel our levels of consumption shoot up as we are engaging in a relatively infrequent activity that doesn’t feature in our daily attempts at sustainability.

Eco Beach in Broome are creating a sustainable environment & kitchen for resort lovers!

At Eco Beach Broome, it’s all about sustainability of the environment and the resort’s kitchen!  Keen gardener and ‘Chef de Cuisine’, Kenneth Clapham, is passionate about cooking with fresh, seasonal, organic, culinary ingredients.

Green TV – a rare commodity but worth watching.

It seems that Green TV shows are not popular.  Try pitching them to networks and you will soon see that the care-salesmen / accountants in charge just don’t want to know. They are believed to be earnest and boring!  But a few have sneaked under the radar.

Gardening with Children

Want some great and easy ways to help get your children interested in helping out in the garden? We have some great ideas to get them out in the garden and away from the TV!

Thirty things to do while you’re waiting in a queue!

Talking about waste, how much time do we all let slip through our fingers as we stand in queues at the mercy of bank tellers, postal clerks and so on.  I wasted the whole day today.