December 29, 2016

Radon: a ‘natural’ environmental hazard

Back in the olden days, houses were constructed with hefty foundations and in areas where airflow was required, high stilts (eg. The Queenslander style) formed an airy, high and usable cavity where fresh breezes circulated. Old-fashioned idea, but now, it is being seen as a very practical design not just in Australia but all over […]

The Simply Amazing Coconut

Think about the uses of a coconut and you will regard this tree, that grows like a weed in the tropics, with awe.

Are you still buying bottled water? You need to stop!

I know at times we get caught out without our reusable bottles, or you may be trying to cut back on buying bottled water altogether and just starting a plastic free journey but really we need to be more aware especially now that the Environment Working Group have released their findings about what’s in your […]

Holiday decorations that reduce, reuse or recycle!

Christmas decorations are already in the shops and are occupying miles of shelf space and are mostly imported from China, so already, they are a bit of a blot on the environment.

Daily hygiene sacrificed for the environment?

The New York Times carried an article recently about a new habit known as soap-dodging. A while back, there was a discussion about stopping washing hair so often and how beneficial this was for the scalp as well as the environment, but now it is being taken even further.

Raising eco minded children isn’t that hard!

We know that raising kids is a tough but a rewarding endeavor. We love them so much we want to give them the best of everything but how do we raise our eco-kids happily and healthy? Well, we have the know how and some great tips and tricks to help you guys out!

Plastic produce bags? No Way! Give these ideas a try instead!

When you hit the shops for your weekly shop how many plastic produce bags do you end up with? I am going to guess quite a few! You can make yourself feel better about them by using them in the crisper, but basically you toss them when you’re done! 

Green kids’ birthday party

All too often these days kids’ birthday parties are stressful exercises in one-upmanship, self indulgence and the spreading of bad food and junk amongst a group of kids put together for political reasons rather than friendship.  There!  I’ve said it.  I don’t actually like normal birthday parties for kids. 

Innovation of the Week: For Pest Control, Following Nature’s Lead

It might feel counterintuitive, but the more varieties of vegetables, plants, and insects that are included in a garden, the less vulnerable any single crop becomes.

Bamboo – wonder grass that’s not just for chopsticks!

We have just planted a large, clumping bamboo in a huge replica of the common or garden terra cotta pot by our neighbour’s fence.