December 29, 2016

Spring into living greener with these top tips!

Spring is the traditional time of year to get inspired and see what needs to be done around the house and garden. This guide has a range of simple actions to help you spruce up your living space and prepare your house and garden for the hot summer months ahead.

The sustainable international house move

I’ve done the international move twice before: once when I was young I moved from Australia to the UK and eventually back again but that was before I was a parent and custodian of family memorabilia and way too much stuff.  Then from  Australia to Mexico and now Mexico to USA (LA).  The first time […]

A Climate of Suffering: The Real Costs of Living with Inaction on Climate Change

When we think about climate change we usually think of it in terms of property destruction and loss of life but there is another demission to climate change that seems to remain under the radar screen.  That demission is the impact climate change will, and is, having on our mental health.

Little Veggie Patches delivered to your door!

The Little Veggie Patch company is based in Melbourne and delivers recycled apple crate vegetable gardens to urban gardeners! Reusing old apple crates, they are lovely to look at but also a functioning garden for your home.

Try Before You Buy… with chickens!

Before I begin, this post is in no way paid for or am I affiliated with this company. I am just a fan of the idea, which is try before you buy pet chickens. That’s right – a chicken rental program!

Planning a Green Wedding – Roundup

Are you planning your wedding for next summer? Are you busy checking out wedding magazines, shops, websites to frantically find everything? Well here is our helpful round up for you if you are looking for earth friendly and chic alternatives!

Gardening with Children

Want some great and easy ways to help get your children interested in helping out in the garden? We have some great ideas to get them out in the garden and away from the TV!

How to green your childrens wardrobe

Managing a child’s wardrobe can be quite an effort sometimes, and if you have more than one child – whoa, then it becomes a big job!

7 Billion People and what it all means (VIDEO)

This year, the world’s population will pass 7 billion. I am not sure I can sufficiently explain since I can barely get my head around it! Luckily, the National Geographic have done all the thinking for me and broken it down in a short video

Hair care treatments you can make yourself! DIY Time!

Time to talk hair, people! With events coming up it means parties and BBQs galore so you will want to have your hair looking it’s best and really there are so many simple and cheap ways to make your hair care treatments at home!