February 4, 2017

Saving Seeds – Do we have a choice?

This beautiful short film by Jason Taylor from the Source Project talks about the importance of saving seeds. Filmed in India, this kind of foresight and care for our plants and production food needs to be entrenched in our Australian way of life.

Landshare Australia – Connecting growers to people with land to share

Landshare Australia is here! This is a movement dedicated to sharing land, resources, help and inspiration for gardening and growing your own organic food.

Hope is not lost – an 11 year old talks about the food system

Birke Baehr who was a participant in TEDx Next Generation is an 11-year-old who calls it like he see it!

The Meditative Approach to Cutting Lawn

If we went back in time, say 120 years, and began cutting the lawn with a scythe we would be mocked as being ‘behind the times’!