February 24, 2017

A busy person’s guide to better fashion choices

Like many people, when I heard about the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh in 2013 and read about clashes in Cambodia between badly paid workers and security forces earlier this year, I became even more concerned about the impacts my fashion choices were having on the people making the clothes.

Op shopping tips for the skeptical newbie

Op shops are fantastic, there’s no two ways about it. They’re a great way to avoid purchasing new and prevent perfectly good cast-offs from going into landfill, plus you’re supporting charity at the same time. 

It’s time to give fleece a chance!

Australia and New Zealand are the top wool producers worldwide and really it is time to embrace wool and its amazing qualities as a fabric.

MyHoneyBees Thongs – Product Review

Australians love our thongs (sandals!). It is the must have footwear for Summer, Spring, Autumn and even Winter in the northern states. Now our iconic footwear can also help out and raise awareness of the plight of the honeybee.

Keeping ASOS Green

For global internet retailers you would imagine that being eco-friendly can be more than a little bit difficult to achieve, what with making of goods on a large scale, transporting these products all around the world and having many bases in a number of different countries. But it is possible.

The New Cotton Debate: What is sustainable cotton?

While rummaging through the Cotton, Inc. web site (which is a fascinating and well done site), I quickly realized that the Great Cotton Debate is being recast.

NanoTextiles – Facts Behind The Fabrics

Nano-Stealth. Nano-textiles are to organic clothing as GMO crops are to organic foods.

Global Warming and Organic & Recycled Clothing

Buy organic clothing for the health of our planet; wear organic clothing for your health. The reality and perils of global warming have finally broken through the walls surrounding mainstream collective consciousness and have become hot news.

Need some fresh new kicks? Try these Aussie Cane Toad Sneakers

The dreaded cane toad! Introduced to our shores, they are now an unmanageable pest that are well known to kill native (and non-native!) wildlife due to their highly toxic glands.  Gideon Shoes have stepped up to the challenge and have created a hand-crafted, anti-sweatshop company that now makes fresh new sneakers from the tanned hide […]

Imagine a fashion store where everything is free*…

Dream no more ladies – The Clothing Exchange is a National Swap Day! My Green Australia was lucky enough to have a chat with Juliette Anich from The Clothing Exchange to get the low down on the best swap meet ever! *free in the sense that you have to swap your clothes for new ones!