December 30, 2016

How to Clean your Oil Brushes and Save Some Money

After obtaining a bachelors degree from University in chemistry and IT, I began giving art classes in 2008 teaching students of all age groups and genders. In that time I have seen a lot of misinformation about the perils of oil painting, how the fumes are toxic, and the paint is not natural and you […]

6 Things Your Money Can Do To Save The Planet

Last we heard, fossil fuel is running out, a nuclear station blew up, more than a billion people go hungry, population growth is unprecedented, more people are living in poverty than ever, there is a mass extinction of species going on, most of us eat foods laced with pesticides, farm animals are mistreated (and injected […]

Green and Frugal Christmas Countdown

So who here is freaking out about Christmas? Let me stress you out a little and ask have you bought all the presents yet, have you decorated a tree, have you done all your cooking?  If the answer is no, then I suggest you take a 5 minute break, breathe deeply and remember it is […]

Mulch Away Your Water Bills

During the long, hot days of summer the use of mulch can play a vital role in protecting gardens while reducing water consumption by a considerable percentage.

15 Earth Friendly Money Saving Ideas. The No BS version!

We love saving money here at My Green Australia but we also love to help our wonderful planet and country too, so we have rounded up some of our favourite top 15 tips to save the planet and save your wallet!