February 4, 2017

Using Hydroponic Growing to Be More Eco-friendly

People are becoming much more aware about the importance of taking care of the environment in recent years. However, we can’t expect everyone to take the same steps as we each have our own unique situation. Given this, it’s critical we develop diverse strategies to better preserve our environment.

How to Best Water your Lawn

Watering your lawn or garden can be time consuming and expensive, especially in very dry years. How can you get the most out of the water you use to water your lawn?

Aquaponics: Culling the Older Fish

Our aquaponics system is now approaching its fourth year since we installed it here at Ecofilms and over the years a multitude of vegetables and fish have gone through it.

Get Real with Reel Mowers

I have done a guest post over at Re-Nest about the old Reel Mowers. No longer are they a thing of the past!

6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Lawn & Garden Looking Lush and Green

With the combination of sunshine and some rain over spring, It’s likely your lawn and garden has been in growth mode lately, and probably needing plenty of attention!

How to Grow your own Sprouts!

Sprouts are a great food source that you can grow at home that will save you money (sprouts can be pricey at the shops) and they have many health benefits as they are high in antioxidants, protein, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. Plus they are so easy to sprout at home, you can get the kids involved!

Spring into living greener with these top tips!

Spring is the traditional time of year to get inspired and see what needs to be done around the house and garden. This guide has a range of simple actions to help you spruce up your living space and prepare your house and garden for the hot summer months ahead.

Creating a wildlife-friendly backyard

Creating a wildlife-friendly backyard, or even a balcony, is much easier than you think. Wildlife-friendly concepts can be applied to all types of garden, from huge plantations down to small high rise balconies, the two key elements are water and shelter everything else is a matter of personal preference.

Recycled Coffee Pod Planters – DIY Time!

Are you addicted to your morning cup of coffee and love your new pod coffee machine? Well here is a great idea to use those pods instead of just tossing them out!

What Tank should you get for Aquaponics?

Choosing a tank suitable for aquaponics is probably a no brainer. Many people grab the first thing that suits their budget, but not all tanks are the same and some can positively damage your health and kill all your fish. We take a look at choosing the best tanks for your budget with Aquaponics guru […]