December 30, 2016

Growing Basil Vertically in Aquaponics

Recently we were talking to someone who wishes to remain anonymous who say they invested more than $250,000 in their commercial aquaponics business and it wasn’t working to plan. Sure they grew plants. The fish grew fine. They had 1,000 Jade perch in their tanks that were coming up for harvest. The system was running […]

Raising Aquaponic Seedlings For The Lazy

Ask most people why they got into Aquaponics and they’ll tell you that its about “food security” or eating “healthy food” or to maintain an interest in an “unusual hobby” and these are all valid points but the real answer when you dig a little deeper is that most people are bone lazy when it […]

AL-KO Comfort Push Mower

Large companies have been placing an extremely high emphasis on releasing environmentally friendly garden care products and the new 38HM Comfort Push Mower from an international leader in garden care, AL-KO is no exception.

Conserving Water with Drought Resistant Planting

Do you need to put up a garden but water in your area is scarce? Try xeriscaping, the new and modern way of having a garden without worrying too much on its water consumption. Your plants will thrive and blossom even during the harshest time of the year.

Mulch Away Your Water Bills

During the long, hot days of summer the use of mulch can play a vital role in protecting gardens while reducing water consumption by a considerable percentage.

Small Space Aquaponics Feeds The Community

n a corner of a typical urban shopping centre tucked away in Florida sits what looks like a tiny service lane way. Except behind the timber gates is an entry into another world. 

Soil Creation on the Edge!

A couple of years ago whilst shooting the Food Forest DVD with Geoff Lawton he remarked how “only on edges do we get fertility” or words to that effect. At the time that phrase didn’t really make much sense to me but when you stop and think for a moment how nature creates soil – […]

DIY High Protein Fish Food From Algae

Growing your own fish food for aquaponics is the holy grail for many folk wishing to be autonomous and not dependent on commercial fish food pellets.

Building a Herb Spiral

Watching a spiral herb garden being constructed is a fascinating thing. Having 50 school kids building it all at once can descend into mayhem, but fortunately Permaculture teacher Leonie Shanahan was able to keep the whole process on track with a certain degree of military precision.

Aquaponics: Getting Your Plants to Thrive

Over the last three months we’ve been trialling a little additive called potassium hydroxide with the regular stuff we’ve been putting into our aquaponics system and – boy has the plant growth taken off!