December 29, 2016

Be a true Environ-RENTAList – how to rent and be green!

There is a huge property boom in Australia at the moment and with the cost of houses versus the cost of renting, the choice for some is pretty clear for some people. But renting doesn’t mean you have to stop being green!

The re-using challenge: How many uses can an object have before dumping?

Sadly, we all NEED a carbon footprint to be able to exist in this world. But there is such a thing as being able to minimize it and some very easy techniques for reducing the space we take up in the world. 

The sustainable international house move

I’ve done the international move twice before: once when I was young I moved from Australia to the UK and eventually back again but that was before I was a parent and custodian of family memorabilia and way too much stuff.  Then from  Australia to Mexico and now Mexico to USA (LA).  The first time […]

Easy ways to green 2012

You want to be greener, but you just can’t afford that hybrid car right now and setting up a compost heap in your studio apartment just isn’t an option. Don’t worry, we get it. Going green in 2012 can be as easy as making small lifestyle changes that will add up to a big difference […]

OpenShed – rent it. use it. return it.

Lisa Fox has a big plan: to help everyday Aussies join the collaborative consumption movement –  where the old ideas of swapping, sharing, bartering, trading and renting are given a new lease of life – by renting out their idle stuff to others in their community.

7 Ways You Can Help Save The World, Make Yourself Healthier and Still Save Money

If war, violence, pollution, global warming, animal rights as well as health issues aren’t enough to concern you, confusion over what is healthy and what is not will probably do the trick. A lot of us are anxious and concerned at the seriousness of the health crisis, world hunger and pollution problems plaguing our world.

Raising eco minded children isn’t that hard!

We know that raising kids is a tough but a rewarding endeavor. We love them so much we want to give them the best of everything but how do we raise our eco-kids happily and healthy? Well, we have the know how and some great tips and tricks to help you guys out!

Anti-humidity crystals – home made, extenders and some useful tips.

Damp Rid and Dry Home are just a couple of brands of these crystals that suck moisture from the air. They are essential in the tropics especially in wardrobes and remove the musty smell.

The Magic of Banana Leaves

My office desk looks out across a field of banana palms and, as we have one measly (but healthy) specimen in our garden, I was thinking back to Singapore days and how much I loved Fish Head Curry served on a banana leaf.

8 Low tech ways to solve household problems!

We have some great 8 Low tech ways to solve household problems!