December 29, 2016

Hair care treatments you can make yourself! DIY Time!

Time to talk hair, people! With events coming up it means parties and BBQs galore so you will want to have your hair looking it’s best and really there are so many simple and cheap ways to make your hair care treatments at home!

Hair removal recipe – totally DIY and green!

Just because you are green doesn’t mean you have to look like a hairy hippie from the 1970s!  Hair removal actually can help eliminate bacteria from your skin and stops B.O..

Are you looking for a unique natural formula for your hair?

We have just heard about a new hair care product that is Australian Made and owned – and natural! Intrigued? Yes we are…

Don’t die for your hair dye!

I’ve used hair dyes since I was fourteen.  Yes, truly I thought my parents would never notice that I suddenly went Goth black!