February 24, 2017

8 Green Design Tips for Building a Patio

Designing an outdoor patio area for all year use means finding a balance so you can make the most of the summer warmth, but still feel comfortable once winter sets in.

What makes paint environmentally-preferable?

A lot goes into making the perfect can of paint. With the enormous range of options available, choosing the right one for your project can be a challenge.

How To: Homemade Baby Wipes and Baby Cleaning Solution

Raising a green baby can seem like a tall order at times but with this simple solution, we can help keep your baby in the green zone. Frugal parents will love this as well. It is also going to save you money! Yes, real money, not just a few cents here and there!

Solar Ovens; Cooking Green

Have you ever used the phrase, “It’s as hot as an oven out here”? With a solar oven, it really can be.

Upcycling with Paper Mache!

Birthdays, Christmas Day, Mother’s day, they all have one thing in common; a mountain of torn wrapping paper at the end of it!  You could carefully fold it up and put it out for recycling but wrapping paper costs almost as much as the presents these days so I would rather not throw it away. 

6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Lawn & Garden Looking Lush and Green

With the combination of sunshine and some rain over spring, It’s likely your lawn and garden has been in growth mode lately, and probably needing plenty of attention!

Be a true Environ-RENTAList – how to rent and be green!

There is a huge property boom in Australia at the moment and with the cost of houses versus the cost of renting, the choice for some is pretty clear for some people. But renting doesn’t mean you have to stop being green!

Going from Living Large to Living Small

(Or how I went from six to two bedrooms and didn’t quite go crazy in the process).

Untangling the steps to a more sustainable apartment life.

Apartment owners beware – your asset could be under threat! If we don’t improve the sustainability of our city apartment blocks their value will fall.

Spring into living greener with these top tips!

Spring is the traditional time of year to get inspired and see what needs to be done around the house and garden. This guide has a range of simple actions to help you spruce up your living space and prepare your house and garden for the hot summer months ahead.