January 2, 2017

Vinegar – not just for fish and chips!

I was introduced to the wonders of vinegar when I first moved out of home. I hadn’t hit the shops yet to purchase all the new wonderful things I would need to clean my new home, so luckily my mother arrived with a bottle of white vinegar and some cloths in hand to start the […]

The re-using challenge: How many uses can an object have before dumping?

Sadly, we all NEED a carbon footprint to be able to exist in this world. But there is such a thing as being able to minimize it and some very easy techniques for reducing the space we take up in the world. 

Recycled Coffee Pod Planters – DIY Time!

Are you addicted to your morning cup of coffee and love your new pod coffee machine? Well here is a great idea to use those pods instead of just tossing them out!

Make Your Home Smell Heavenly with Natural Air Fresheners

If you have awful associations with the word potpourri, you’re not alone. I have memories of Nana’s house smelling like dried rose petals and anise. I swore I would never make my own potpourri, and my house would never smell like Nana’s!

Don’t let figures befuddle you; you can live a low-carbon life

Recent articles on low carbon homes and life cycle measurement difficulties left carbon groupies concerned about the complexity involved in measuring our emissions.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Powder and Dishwashing Powder

One of my favourite tips for a greener home is to make your own laundry powder and dishwashing powder. For a fraction of the cost of environmentally safe detergent, you can make a HUGE amount of green detergent.

Saving Money (and maybe the planet!) on 3 Ordinary Household Items

There are so many things to buy nowadays that merely going to the shops can be a task in self restraint. Being frugal and eco usually go hand in hand and there are some big savings to be made in the home by changing a few small items!

Keep Your House Sustainable for the Future

All of us are becoming more aware of the need to encompass sustainable living into the future. Gone are the wasteful days of using electricity as though there was no tomorrow and the utter waste of fuel in all its forms has been nothing less than disgraceful. But we all protest, ‘we didn’t know the […]

Small Space Aquaponics Feeds The Community

n a corner of a typical urban shopping centre tucked away in Florida sits what looks like a tiny service lane way. Except behind the timber gates is an entry into another world. 

Aussie brand brings sustainability to a household item!

It is great to see Aussie brands we know and love taking an interest in the need to be green and putting their money and research into re-creating their traditional products.