December 29, 2016

5 Water Saving Tips

Energy usage through water heating can account for up to 25% of all home power usage. Therefore it’s a great idea to see where savings can be made, not only to reduce usage of natural resources, but also to save dollars when the quarterly bill hits the mailbox.

Saving Money (and maybe the planet!) on 3 Ordinary Household Items

There are so many things to buy nowadays that merely going to the shops can be a task in self restraint. Being frugal and eco usually go hand in hand and there are some big savings to be made in the home by changing a few small items!

Fruit Labels made of Soap… you say what now?

Creator Scott Amron has come up with an innovative solution to the little stickers on our fruit. Vanishing Fruit Wash Labels. Yep, those annoying little stickers actually might be useful for the consumer!

The 3rd World War – 20 Ways to slow it down.

An economist, guesting recently on a TV show, postulated that we are indeed in the 3rd World War. Rather than being a big biffo between two prime ally groups, the unrest and civil dysfunction happening all around the world has added up to something far more destructive than any previous conflict the world has suffered. […]