December 29, 2016

The Coral Sea: Our Underwater Paradise.

Our big blue backyard hosts the largest variety of marine life in the world. Whether we consider the big majestic creatures that leave us in awe, the brilliant sandy beaches, or the little flashes of colour that dart through coral reefs, there can be no doubting that our marine environment is part of our Australian […]

Australia’s Own Dolphin Could Be Extinct Within Three Generations

Australia’s only endemic dolphin needs legal protection or could become extinct within three generations, a new report by WWF warns.

Sustainable Fish Guide – Say No, Think Twice or Better Choice

This is a crucial time when seafood is front and center for our Christmas lunch! Swordfish, orange roughy and shark are off the menu – and seafood lovers should instead choose plentiful options such as whiting and calamari. This is the reality for Australian consumers if our fish stocks are to survive into the future, […]