December 30, 2016

Radon: a ‘natural’ environmental hazard

Back in the olden days, houses were constructed with hefty foundations and in areas where airflow was required, high stilts (eg. The Queenslander style) formed an airy, high and usable cavity where fresh breezes circulated. Old-fashioned idea, but now, it is being seen as a very practical design not just in Australia but all over […]

Las Jarretaderas, Nayarit, Mexico, Dirtiest Town in the World?

I have been to some disgusting places in my life.  Some of the beaches in Thailand would easily win the award for the Dirtiest place in the world.

Can’t recycle glass or plastic in your area? Then make a bottle house.

We have a problem here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Nobody recycles glass bottles as the nearest recycler would be a very long drive away in Guadalajara or as far as Mexico City.

My Green Roof

I am in the process of covering our shed roof with succulents and prickly cactus, not just as a green enhancer for our tiny block of land but as an intruder deterrent. 

Kick off the New Year with resolve to halt global warming and start at home.

No matter what some politicians & lobbyists say, global warming is a genuine phenomenon endangering many communities.  Can people do something about this? 

Compost on a massive scale in Mexico

I was pretty pleased when I took delivery of my compost bin and though I am still trying to get the mixture right, I have hopes for the future as we have plenty of fruit peels and leaves around here. I am still grappling with the lack of earthworms here.

Endangered Guacamayas have champions in Mexico

The Military Macaw (Guacamaya) is a magnificent bird and is endangered because it, and its close relations, macaws of other colours, are so beautiful that they are in demand as pets, despite this being illegal.