December 30, 2016

Spring into living greener with these top tips!

Spring is the traditional time of year to get inspired and see what needs to be done around the house and garden. This guide has a range of simple actions to help you spruce up your living space and prepare your house and garden for the hot summer months ahead.

Forget the market: competition won’t save species

Plans for conserving Australian species rely on successfully collaborating across regions and across jurisdictions. It makes sense: species don’t recognise state or local government boundaries. But at the same time, funding for conservation is premised on competing, not cooperating. How can these collaborative approaches succeed without secure and stable financial support?

Climate change and the future of our Pacific neighbours

The vulnerability of Pacific Island countries to climate change has been the subject of significant media coverage, including Kiribati’s recent request that its people be moved to Fiji to avoid rising seas.

Building carbon markets with our nearest neighbours

International carbon markets are on the nose in some quarters. From some on the left they are seen as a cheap way to absolve polluters’ sins without having a real impact on reducing emissions.

No more excuses – Leading companies in WWF Scorecard show sustainable palm oil sourcing is possible

Companies are buying more certified sustainable palm oil than ever before – but urgent action is still needed to avoid the irreversible loss of tropical forests and species such as tigers, according to WWF’s latest assessment of palm oil buyers.

A Climate of Suffering: The Real Costs of Living with Inaction on Climate Change

When we think about climate change we usually think of it in terms of property destruction and loss of life but there is another demission to climate change that seems to remain under the radar screen.  That demission is the impact climate change will, and is, having on our mental health.

The Ugly Journey of Our Trash

No one knows for sure but scientists think over six million tons of marine debris may be entering our ocean every year. One of the reasons Project AWARE is collecting marine debris data from scuba divers is to help build a clear picture of the underwater trash that threatens ocean life. With this knowledge, we […]

Turtle crisis looms for Great Barrier Reef

A wildlife crisis is developing along parts of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef coast with reports of unusually high numbers of endangered turtles washing up dead or starving, WWF said today.

Ban the Plastic Bag Australia!

Plastic bags, other than plastic bottles, are in my top most hated things list! Especially the super thin, totally useless ones – you know the ones, you pick them up and they basically rip on contact.

Radon: a ‘natural’ environmental hazard

Back in the olden days, houses were constructed with hefty foundations and in areas where airflow was required, high stilts (eg. The Queenslander style) formed an airy, high and usable cavity where fresh breezes circulated. Old-fashioned idea, but now, it is being seen as a very practical design not just in Australia but all over […]