December 30, 2016

Awesome Survival Food Forest

When we were down last month at Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Farm looking over his new emerging food forest system, we were surprised to see a normal paddock being transformed plot by plot from a field of clover into a mighty food forest system. It looked intriguing.

Innovation of the Week: Greening the Desert

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), there are 1 billion hungry people in the world, most of who live in poor rural areas. As the world’s population is set to hit 7 billion, policy-makers are struggling to find ways to nourish our planet’s growing population. 

Soil Creation on the Edge!

A couple of years ago whilst shooting the Food Forest DVD with Geoff Lawton he remarked how “only on edges do we get fertility” or words to that effect. At the time that phrase didn’t really make much sense to me but when you stop and think for a moment how nature creates soil – […]

Insulated Strawbale Chicken House

Keeping chickens in an Urban environment is something a lot of people would like to have, but when it comes to roosters – people baulk at the idea knowing their neighbors wont like it. After all, who can blame them when they’re trying to get some sleep? Roosters are known to crow loudly early morning […]