December 30, 2016

We love to hate the common myna, but what should we do about it?

In Australia we are all too familiar with devastating environmental impacts of introduced species such as foxes, rabbits and cane toads. But did you know that some introduced species may have a relatively minor environmental impact? In fact, some native species can cause more harm than so called “alien” or introduced species. Perhaps we should […]

Time to scan for pests – Australia Feral Scan online!

Feralscan is an Australia-wide ‘citizen science’ project, inviting anyone to spot, collect and report visual or other evidence of feral animals and their impacts.

Need some fresh new kicks? Try these Aussie Cane Toad Sneakers

The dreaded cane toad! Introduced to our shores, they are now an unmanageable pest that are well known to kill native (and non-native!) wildlife due to their highly toxic glands.  Gideon Shoes have stepped up to the challenge and have created a hand-crafted, anti-sweatshop company that now makes fresh new sneakers from the tanned hide […]

Solutions to the Cane Toad Plague?

When I was young, visits to relatives up North often included the nightly ritual of a cane toad hunt.