January 1, 2017

How to Make Your Own Kitty Litter

I have two Burmese cats that both torment and enrich my life in more ways than I can count. 

I’m Green, But What About My Pets?

Not meant in the literal sense of course; if your animals are green, you should probably take them to the vet. But what about environmentally-friendly? We go to such great lengths to improve our own lives and those of our families that we forget that we’re also responsible for a few other carbon footprints as […]

DIY Strawbale Chicken Coop

Here’s a great idea for a Chicken coop built to fit the dimensions of straw bales. A simple four post construction with a raised floor and tin roof is all you need. Both sides of the chicken coop have a temporary straw-bale walls that keeps the coop warm in winter and cool in summer.

Try Before You Buy… with chickens!

Before I begin, this post is in no way paid for or am I affiliated with this company. I am just a fan of the idea, which is try before you buy pet chickens. That’s right – a chicken rental program!

Hen Architecture

If you have ever thought about keeping chickens but, somewhere deep down inside, you didn’t want to since you never like how a hen house looked? Well now you have no more excuses! Frederik Roijé’s Breed Retreat is an architectural delight.

My Green dog is doing well

We decided to green our dog.  That meant no more canned food, no more poisonous flea treatments and medical treatments for her summer itch.

Summer Itch makes a dog’s life a misery

Our little Papillon, a long-haired breed, has developed summer itch despite the fact that we have given her a crew cut and lots of attention to keeping her cool including visits to the beach and salty swims. 

8 ways to green your kitty

I am the proud companion to 2 very cute and loved Burmese cats – I say companion since they really are the masters of the domain!

How to adopt a green pet!

And I am not talking about one of those amazing green lizards that roam free in the jungles!  DON’T make pets of wild things.