December 30, 2016

Things we can live without; The Top 10 List

We have said it time and time again, there really are things we can now start to live without. The great thing about people in general is we can learn and adapt to new situations – and this time we have to start pairing down our lives to remove some of the things that are […]

The Green Label List

Have you looked at the multitude of logos and labels that come on products and food nowadays? So what do they all mean? My Green Australia have done the leg work and found out all the labels and what they mean to make it easier for you to make choices about what you buy!

A Life without Plastic – so what are my options?

We all know the dangers of plastic in our world – from BPA (Bisphenol A) which at low levels potentially can cause a variety of ailments, including birth defects, infertility and breast cancer. Then there is the damage that is magnified once it enters the environment.

Plastic ain’t fantastic – time to live life without plastic!

The beginning of the plastic era began in the early 1800s with the discovery of polystyrene and now in today’s world, life without plastic seems to be incomprehensible. Everybody, every single day, comes into contact with plastic.

David Letterman interviews Captain Charles Moore

I don’t usually watch David Letterman – it is on at weird times and I am usually half asleep when it is on but I did catch some of the interview between Captain Charles Moore founder of Algalita Marine Research Foundation who are engaged solely in the protection of the marine environment and its watersheds, […]