December 30, 2016

Upcycling with Paper Mache!

Birthdays, Christmas Day, Mother’s day, they all have one thing in common; a mountain of torn wrapping paper at the end of it!  You could carefully fold it up and put it out for recycling but wrapping paper costs almost as much as the presents these days so I would rather not throw it away. 

FSC – What does it mean and why should I care?

“Who cares about the Forest?” is the question Franke James asks herself when thinking about the paper her book is printed on and why she feels guilty when using paper towels. She went and did some research in the Canadian Boreal Forest and explains about the FSC and forest management in this fun and educational […]

Recycling Flash Mob

A great video to pick you up today! This is what happens when you recycle!

QANTAS and the environment

Recently my friend took a flight for his work to Canberra from Melbourne on Qantas. He took these photos on the flight for us to see how Qantas is “helping” the environment.  WARNING: This post will be filled with extreme sarcasm.