December 30, 2016

Barefoot Power – Power to the Third World.

Kerosene, according to the fact sheet provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO), can effect the lungs, brain, skin, eyes, and cause other behavioural issues – burns from the fuel is a dangerous side effect also.  For students in the third world however, kerosene fuels their study time.  Providing a flickering, acrid light to do […]

Home Power Generation: The Inverter.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) year book for 2009-10, most of Australia’s carbon dioxide emissions occurred due to the burning of fuels. In 2007 this figure sat just over 81% with energy industries contributing 60% of these CO2 molecules.

America Powers Ahead With Renewable Energy Projects

The United States has further demonstrated its commitment to renewable energy this week, as it pledges to funnel public investment toward the massive Ivanpah concentrating solar thermal (CST) power plant. Backed by private sector financing from the likes of Google, BrightSource’s latest CST project is set to be the world’s largest power tower.