January 2, 2017

Fresh food or landfill?

What happens to the food that doesn’t make the journey from the farm to the market or the produce at the market that won’t sell on the day? Brooke Eggleton reports.

Green Burials

Some Australians are taking their commitment to the environment to the grave, opting for eco-friendly burials where headstones are replaced by GPS coordinates. Elizabeth Pratt reports.

Caulerpa taxifolia: the silent killer

There is a silent killer taking over Sydney’s harbour. Jessica Hynes writes about the spread of Caulerpa taxifolia and how it affects biodiversity in our harbour.

Growing quinoa in Australia

Kept a secret among the Bolivian tribes for thousands of years, quinoa or the ‘grain of the gods’ has recently become a highly sought-after food in the West. Jemma Nicoll reports.

The rising waters of Kiribati

Citizens in the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati are already feeling the heat of climate change and many predict they will be the first to face the prospect of leaving their homeland.