December 29, 2016

The sustainable international house move

I’ve done the international move twice before: once when I was young I moved from Australia to the UK and eventually back again but that was before I was a parent and custodian of family memorabilia and way too much stuff.  Then from  Australia to Mexico and now Mexico to USA (LA).  The first time […]

The Ugly Journey of Our Trash

No one knows for sure but scientists think over six million tons of marine debris may be entering our ocean every year. One of the reasons Project AWARE is collecting marine debris data from scuba divers is to help build a clear picture of the underwater trash that threatens ocean life. With this knowledge, we […]

Plastic and our Oceans. Remember to Keep Australia Beautiful.

While travelling around Japan several years ago, I was in a town called Beppu. This town is known for its hot springs and usually attracts a lot of older tourists. So staying up late one night and walking the streets I heard this beautiful music…

Chewing Gum – time to recycle it.

I have often thought about the ways it would be possible to scrape off all that chewing gum from pavements  throughout the world (excepting Singapore which banned it) and recycle it somehow. When I have insomnia I try to solve world problems like that!

Recycling Flash Mob

A great video to pick you up today! This is what happens when you recycle!

Bin liners and their alternatives

We have been fortunate enough to participate in a review for Glad Bags new eco-friendly bin liners. But before we get to that part, let’s talk about our rubbish first…

Religion, morals, ethics, the Gaia hypothesis and being green.

There are many who believe that ‘green’ is a religion. Others even add it to the list of stringent ethical mores by which they live, ‘non-green’ behaviour taking on the gravity of a sin. It can be a serious business.

Las Jarretaderas, Nayarit, Mexico, Dirtiest Town in the World?

I have been to some disgusting places in my life.  Some of the beaches in Thailand would easily win the award for the Dirtiest place in the world.