January 1, 2017

Barefoot Power – Power to the Third World.

Kerosene, according to the fact sheet provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO), can effect the lungs, brain, skin, eyes, and cause other behavioural issues – burns from the fuel is a dangerous side effect also.  For students in the third world however, kerosene fuels their study time.  Providing a flickering, acrid light to do […]

It’s easy being… a Green Fisherman.

So many times we walk along beaches and river banks and see tangled clumps of old fishing line, lead sinkers attached.  People are just now beginning to be aware that the lead is a hazard and the line will tangle around the necks, feet and wings of birds, be ingested by larger fish and generally […]

‘Green’ Fireworks – can you really launch heavy metals into the air safely?

Fireworks are used at every major celebration all around the world and it’s probably a bit of a downer to start analyzing just how bad they can be for the environment. 

Maintain household appliances and avoid replacing them for a big carbon win.

Regular maintenance for appliances around the home and office can not only save you money, but will extend the life of them and cut down the huge piles of ‘dead’ machines in tips.  The recycling of these is by no means an exact art and so it is way better to mend things than to […]

Avoid the poisons: make your own garden sprays.

White oil, Winter oil or Dormant oil is a substance most gardeners use.  You will notice that on the nursery-bought jar, there’s not even a poison caution.  This is because it fits within the realm of  an organic method of controlling pests that can strip a garden bare in no time flat.

Bushfires are natural so plan for them

We are the intruders on this land and fire, flood and all the climate elements nature can throw at us are there because the land needs them, not humans. Annoying, isn’t it!