December 29, 2016

How to avoid using bottled water

Using bottled water is an ever increasing problem – and being Australians we all realise how devastating drought is to many people around the country.

The sustainable international house move

I’ve done the international move twice before: once when I was young I moved from Australia to the UK and eventually back again but that was before I was a parent and custodian of family memorabilia and way too much stuff.  Then from  Australia to Mexico and now Mexico to USA (LA).  The first time […]

Mulch Away Your Water Bills

During the long, hot days of summer the use of mulch can play a vital role in protecting gardens while reducing water consumption by a considerable percentage.

How to make your home environmentally friendly, warm and still save money this winter

An eco-friendly home will save electricity and energy which in turn will lower your expenses towards it – that much, I know is true. Begin by looking into a few areas where you think you can make the biggest difference; remember that the smallest changes can sometimes have some of the biggest impact.

Take a Green Leaf from the Obama Kitchen Garden (and eat it).

Among the photo ops at the White House when the Obamas moved in, there was one with Michelle starting a kitchen garden.

15 Ways to Break Bad Habits

It seems to me that the horrors man has wreaked on the environment are, largely, rooted in ‘bad habits’. 

Pick-your-own fruit and vege farms in Australia

One of the best ways of saving money and carbon is to make the ‘family drive’ or weekend holiday pay for itself by passing by a few farms where they sell produce for low cost in season.

Hair removal recipe – totally DIY and green!

Just because you are green doesn’t mean you have to look like a hairy hippie from the 1970s!  Hair removal actually can help eliminate bacteria from your skin and stops B.O..

Be Foodwise about Foodwaste!

I don’t know if you have been to the shops lately to buy food but I have, and let me tell you, it is expensive! The cost of food in Australia feels like it is going up and up! So naturally it is time to smarten up and get wise about our food waste.

It’s socially responsible to be fit and healthy

I don’t mean to preach but it is an irresponsible way to live as a fat, sluggish and unhealthy person in modern society.  It places a burden on your family, friends and neighbours and fellow tax-payers.  You only have to look at how difficult health care is in say, the U.S.A. to realize that over-indulgence, […]