January 1, 2017

How to be green on a budget

We are all becoming aware of the need to go green. We are recycling our newspapers and switching out light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs. Perhaps you want to go even more green, and looking at your budget, you are wondering about more ways to go green and reduce your overall Carbon Footprint. Your […]

31 Ways to beat loneliness while being green and frugal.

There’s a lot said about how today’s society makes people dislocated, angry, lonely and solo.  But that doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.  The Green Revolution also has its own way of looking for things to do to stave off that feeling and here are a few carbon-OK ways to have fun.

Low toxic recipes for household cleaners

We’ve talked a lot about greening your life so here are some actual recipes and methods for household cleaners – a quick reference for readers.

Counting the ways you can make a wedding ‘green’.

Modern weddings have become enormous spectacles and have certain traditions that have grown over the years into something above and beyond the logic of the original ceremony and celebration.

Maintain household appliances and avoid replacing them for a big carbon win.

Regular maintenance for appliances around the home and office can not only save you money, but will extend the life of them and cut down the huge piles of ‘dead’ machines in tips.  The recycling of these is by no means an exact art and so it is way better to mend things than to […]

Epsom Salts: cheap and vital to have under the kitchen sink!

Epsom Salts, the common name for Magnesium Sulfate are a chemical compound containing Magnesium and Sulfate in a crystallised or powdered form. It has numerous uses from personal hygiene and bathing, colon cleansing to sprinkling round plants to adjust the chemical balance.   

Bread making is not just good financial sense but saves dough.

OK that was a terrible pun and I apologise. However I have been making bread for many years and thought I should include something here to promote the fact that it is something financially and ecologically sound.

Pickled Limes or Lemons Recipe

When you have too many citrus it is a challenge to know what to do with them. There’s only so much marmalade you can eat! But here’s a recipe for pickling limes which you can substitute for use in Moroccan dishes for an exotic variation.

The festive season – put more green than red into your Christmas thinking.

They are bringing the Christmas stock into the stores now… the creep of little mince tarts, wrapping paper, Santa shaped chocolate is subtle at first but soon the onslaught will begin!

Keep your investments Green

While we are not qualified here to give financial advice, it seems remiss not to mention the importance of keeping your investments and banking ‘green’.