December 29, 2016

The Rise of Solar Power in Australia

In 2007, just 8,000 rooftop solar PV systems had been installed across Australia. By early 2013, the country had 1 million rooftop systems. But it’s not just a small group of wealthy environmentally-conscious individuals driving the change – research indicates that the rapid uptake of solar PV systems in Australia is thanks to ordinary Australian […]

4 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Go Solar

The Climate Commission’s (now the Climate Council) recent report, The Critical Decade: Australia’s future – solar energy, predicts that solar PV systems will play an integral role in Australia’s energy mix in the coming years. Rising electricity prices and improving solar technology are just two of the reasons why more than 2.5 million Australians have […]

Solar Ovens; Cooking Green

Have you ever used the phrase, “It’s as hot as an oven out here”? With a solar oven, it really can be.

Gas or Electricity?

At eTool, we’re passionate about reducing the carbon intensity of buildings first and foremost. It’s what we live and breathe, so we try to look at every consideration when putting our design recommendations forward…we don’t take it lightly!

Energy In, Energy Out: Net-Zero Homes Produce as Much as They Use

By now, most green-minded folks have at least been a passenger in a hybrid automobile. These cars run on renewable, battery-powered electricity in city driving and stop-and-go traffic, then turn to their small but efficient gasoline engines for cruising down the highway ñ and when the car’s batteries need to be charged.

Get a Double Whammy Benefit from the Carbon Tax

With July 1st 2012 seeing the introducing of the much talked about Carbon Tax (or ‘price on carbon’ if you listen to the Australian Government’s messaging), now is the time to seriously think about making the switch to solar energy. The benefits are two fold as this article explains.

Green Travel: How Backpackers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Backpacking around Australia is a dream come true for many young people. The breathtaking splendour of The Outback, watching the New Year fireworks in Sydney, and learning to surf on Bondi beach: when you have such adventures on your mind (not to mention the heavy rucksack on your back) it’s easy to forget the negative […]

The Summer of Living Greener

The mercury’s rising and summer’s in full swing. It’s the season to cook outdoors, camp under the stars, and drive off into the sunset for a bit of time out. It’s also the season when water usage, electricity and fuel bills can soar as we try to keep cool, keep the garden alive, and travel about […]

Queensland Police Service Tenants Power Station.

Before the “Occupy” protests across the world began to occupy the newspapers I recall reading about a spate of solar panel thefts. When you think about it, these panels are ripe for the picking – big dollars left unattended and ready for resale. Maybe that’s why one of Brisbane’s largest solar systems is being created […]

South Australia’s Wind Energy Leadership: Plenty To “Crow About”

As a kid on a farm, I remember we had about six windmills which plumbed 60 metres down into the aquifers. One by one, they were quietly decommissioned and replaced by, you guessed it, electric motor pumps. Why wouldn’t you? Grid electricity was cheap, and because of the baseload supply, confirmed a level of confidence […]