December 30, 2016

Premier’s Sustainability Awards 2014 – People’s Choice Opens Today

The People’s Choice is an opportunity for everyone to participate in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards, Victoria’s most prestigious sustainability awards program, and learn more about the businesses, organisations and community groups leading the way with their environmental initiatives.

Two weeks to enter the Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards 2014

Victoria’s sustainability innovators have two weeks until entries close for the  Premier’s Sustainability Awards 2014.

Aussie brand brings sustainability to a household item!

It is great to see Aussie brands we know and love taking an interest in the need to be green and putting their money and research into re-creating their traditional products.

Davy’s Quick Tip #3: My Roof Sucks.

On one hand they can be amazing. Free cooling during summer. Casting flickering dashes of light onto the floor below. Making great use of the phrase “hot air rises*”. But like they say, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch**”. We’re talking roof turbines people – those 70’s inspired spinning domes on our roof.

Dr. Susan Wijffels – CSIRO Hobart , climate change a current issue.

Forgive the pun but there is scary evidence, as gathered by the CSIRO in Hobart, that explains that our long term extreme weather future is not looking good. 

Davy’s Quick Tip #2: Polly Put The Kettle On.

We, as subservient members of the British Empire, love to quaff a cuppa at any time of the day with nary an excuse needed. Whether it be by mug, cup, infuser, or pot – we’re loving it. We’re saying pass the honey, honey. Pass the sugar, sugar. And pass the tea, bag. And getting slapped. […]

Davey’s Quick Tips #1: Be a Joule Thief

The humble measurement of energy, the Joule, was named after the singer songwriter Gary Jules* most famous for covering Tears for Fears’ Mad World on the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

Are you really all that green? Here is my confession!

I sometimes see people doing things and I think “UGH! Why do they have to be that way? THEY are the reason this planet is falling apart!!“. Yes, I admit it… my inner voice can be a total bitch.

Do you live in one of Australias most liveable cities?

The Australian Conservation Foundation set out to find which of the 20 largest cities is the greenest in Australia.  They have now released their Sustainable Cities Index so keep reading to find out who won!