December 28, 2016

Top 10 Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Vehicle

Together with Chris Jones, Vice President of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association or AEVA, after working on the Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Vehicle, we have put together a list of the top 10 things to consider before purchasing an electric vehicle in Australia.

Hybrids Growing in Popularity in Australia

The hybrid car market is heating up as a continually-increasing number of Australians flock to eco-friendly vehicles. In June 2012, for instance, the sales of hybrids increased by 84 percent when compared with figures from the same time last year. Experts believe that the increased interest in hybrid cars is fuelled by higher petrol costs […]

What Tank should you get for Aquaponics?

Choosing a tank suitable for aquaponics is probably a no brainer. Many people grab the first thing that suits their budget, but not all tanks are the same and some can positively damage your health and kill all your fish. We take a look at choosing the best tanks for your budget with Aquaponics guru […]

Low-carbon cement paves a development path (or sidewalk)

Carbon emissions from cement are set to grow explosively as developing countries such as India create a ‘first-world’ infrastructure. Scientists and entrepreneurs are struggling to push alternative technologies out of the lab and onto the street.

Living greener with home entertainment and technology

Home theatre systems, smart phones, game consoles and computers are transforming our homes into modern hives of connectivity and entertainment. As the number, size and variety of home gadgetry ramps up – so do our power bills. It’s a good time to be aware of hidden energy costs.

6 Things Your Money Can Do To Save The Planet

Last we heard, fossil fuel is running out, a nuclear station blew up, more than a billion people go hungry, population growth is unprecedented, more people are living in poverty than ever, there is a mass extinction of species going on, most of us eat foods laced with pesticides, farm animals are mistreated (and injected […]

Australian Seafood App will help us make better choices

Are you having trouble knowing what fish you can buy? Lucky we know have a free Sustainable Seafood Guide App that we can use!

ChookTrader is here to help buy and sell poultry and poultry equipment!

Are you looking to buy some chickens for your backyard? Or are you looking to sell a few chickens from your own backyard flock? is here to help you buy and sell your favourite avian friends!

AL-KO Comfort Push Mower

Large companies have been placing an extremely high emphasis on releasing environmentally friendly garden care products and the new 38HM Comfort Push Mower from an international leader in garden care, AL-KO is no exception.

Make Your Own Community Weather Station

The green movement and its associated high fibre diet of dreadlocks and second hand corduroy continues to be the domain of  those with either too time on their hands or enough folding matter to support their renewable habits. Now I’ve managed to wedge enough cliches into that last sentence to skin the proverbial but I […]