December 29, 2016

Australia’s Methods of Travelling to Work

Australia’s national census has included a question about work travel methods since 1971.

Green as green could be!

We recently travelled to The Cotswolds, England to spend time with cousins and, knowing my interests, my cousin John took a detour to one of that area’s most interesting shops, The Green Shop.

My Green Holiday in Queensland, Australia

If you have yet to hear about the focus on green living and minimising your carbon footprint you must have been living under a rock – in which case you are doing your part for the cause as you do away with the conventional lifestyle. As an avid traveller I am always looking for new […]

Luxury and Eco on Holiday – Getting the Balance Right.

Holidays are precious and let’s face it, we all fancy a bit of luxury to indulge our senses in. But for the eco-conscious traveller, the challenge is to find a destination that achieves the balance between luxury and environmentally friendly. The ‘green’ part really needs to be seamlessly integrated into the experience.

Travelling Sustainably Up the East Coast

Living green presents its many difficulties that are often solved by simple planning and preparation, but when we hit the road and travel our levels of consumption shoot up as we are engaging in a relatively infrequent activity that doesn’t feature in our daily attempts at sustainability.

Green Travel: How Backpackers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Backpacking around Australia is a dream come true for many young people. The breathtaking splendour of The Outback, watching the New Year fireworks in Sydney, and learning to surf on Bondi beach: when you have such adventures on your mind (not to mention the heavy rucksack on your back) it’s easy to forget the negative […]

Eco Beach in Broome are creating a sustainable environment & kitchen for resort lovers!

At Eco Beach Broome, it’s all about sustainability of the environment and the resort’s kitchen!  Keen gardener and ‘Chef de Cuisine’, Kenneth Clapham, is passionate about cooking with fresh, seasonal, organic, culinary ingredients.

Taking an Eco Gap Year in Australia

It is the start a fresh new year and for some young people they are considering volunteering or taking a green gap year!

30 ways to Green your holiday road trip.

Can a road trip involving a car and just two people be a green experience given that a few tanks of petrol and some rubber from the tyres and a bit of wear and tear on the car will be expended? As kids, we went from Victoria to Queensland every year to visit my grandparents. […]

QANTAS and the environment

Recently my friend took a flight for his work to Canberra from Melbourne on Qantas. He took these photos on the flight for us to see how Qantas is “helping” the environment.  WARNING: This post will be filled with extreme sarcasm.