February 4, 2017

Farming the cities, feeding an urban future

As people move from rural to urban settings in search of economic opportunities, urban agriculture is becoming an important provider of both food and employment, according to researchers with the Worldwatch Institute.

Insulated Strawbale Chicken House

Keeping chickens in an Urban environment is something a lot of people would like to have, but when it comes to roosters – people baulk at the idea knowing their neighbors wont like it. After all, who can blame them when they’re trying to get some sleep? Roosters are known to crow loudly early morning […]

Landshare Australia – Connecting growers to people with land to share

Landshare Australia is here! This is a movement dedicated to sharing land, resources, help and inspiration for gardening and growing your own organic food.

What works: Making the Most of Small Spaces

More of the world’s people live in cities–according to the United Nations by 2050, approximately 70 percent of humans will be urban-dwelling. And at least 800 million people worldwide practice urban agriculture today.