December 29, 2016

Wasting Food and What to Do

There are numerous reasons that it’s bad to waste food.  A recent study by the founder of CleanMetrics, Kumar Venkat, has found that on average Americans waste enough food to account for one and a half percent of total carbon emissions. 

Bin liners and the alternatives to your used plastic bag

Starting on September 1, 2011 the official single use plastic bag ban has begun in the Northern Territory. Some peole are cheering and happy but others are now scratching their heads… what do we now use to line our rubbish bin?

The Ugly Journey of Our Trash

No one knows for sure but scientists think over six million tons of marine debris may be entering our ocean every year. One of the reasons Project AWARE is collecting marine debris data from scuba divers is to help build a clear picture of the underwater trash that threatens ocean life. With this knowledge, we […]

Ban the Plastic Bag Australia!

Plastic bags, other than plastic bottles, are in my top most hated things list! Especially the super thin, totally useless ones – you know the ones, you pick them up and they basically rip on contact.

Fresh food or landfill?

What happens to the food that doesn’t make the journey from the farm to the market or the produce at the market that won’t sell on the day? Brooke Eggleton reports.

Reducing Food Waste: Making the Most of Our Abundance

According to staggering new statistics from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), roughly one-third of the food produced worldwide for human consumption is lost or wasted, amounting to some 1.3 billion tons per year. 

Davy’s Quick Tip #3: My Roof Sucks.

On one hand they can be amazing. Free cooling during summer. Casting flickering dashes of light onto the floor below. Making great use of the phrase “hot air rises*”. But like they say, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch**”. We’re talking roof turbines people – those 70’s inspired spinning domes on our roof.

Permanent staples – don’t bin that food!

Is it your habit to chuck food in the bin as soon as it reaches its labeled ‘use-by’ or ‘best before’ date?

Innovation of the Week: Community Seed Banks to Empower Women and Protect Biodiversity

For fifteen years, Muniyamma, a farmer in Karnataka, India, practiced agriculture with the help of agro-chemicals, such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but in recent years she noticed a drastic decrease in yield.

Davy’s Quick Tip #2: Polly Put The Kettle On.

We, as subservient members of the British Empire, love to quaff a cuppa at any time of the day with nary an excuse needed. Whether it be by mug, cup, infuser, or pot – we’re loving it. We’re saying pass the honey, honey. Pass the sugar, sugar. And pass the tea, bag. And getting slapped. […]