December 28, 2016

Things we can live without; The Top 10 List

We have said it time and time again, there really are things we can now start to live without. The great thing about people in general is we can learn and adapt to new situations – and this time we have to start pairing down our lives to remove some of the things that are […]

Chewing Gum – time to recycle it.

I have often thought about the ways it would be possible to scrape off all that chewing gum from pavements  throughout the world (excepting Singapore which banned it) and recycle it somehow. When I have insomnia I try to solve world problems like that!

Recycling Flash Mob

A great video to pick you up today! This is what happens when you recycle!

7 Ways You Can Help Save The World, Make Yourself Healthier and Still Save Money

If war, violence, pollution, global warming, animal rights as well as health issues aren’t enough to concern you, confusion over what is healthy and what is not will probably do the trick. A lot of us are anxious and concerned at the seriousness of the health crisis, world hunger and pollution problems plaguing our world.

Bokashi Buckets – What is the story?

You may have heard about Bokashi Buckets but have no idea what they are about? Here is our low down on the indoor composting system.

It’s easy being… a Green Fisherman.

So many times we walk along beaches and river banks and see tangled clumps of old fishing line, lead sinkers attached.  People are just now beginning to be aware that the lead is a hazard and the line will tangle around the necks, feet and wings of birds, be ingested by larger fish and generally […]

Religion, morals, ethics, the Gaia hypothesis and being green.

There are many who believe that ‘green’ is a religion. Others even add it to the list of stringent ethical mores by which they live, ‘non-green’ behaviour taking on the gravity of a sin. It can be a serious business.

Las Jarretaderas, Nayarit, Mexico, Dirtiest Town in the World?

I have been to some disgusting places in my life.  Some of the beaches in Thailand would easily win the award for the Dirtiest place in the world.

QANTAS and the environment

Recently my friend took a flight for his work to Canberra from Melbourne on Qantas. He took these photos on the flight for us to see how Qantas is “helping” the environment.  WARNING: This post will be filled with extreme sarcasm.

Dyeing to renovate your wardrobe.

It’s hard to look at tie-dyed clothes without taking a trip back in time – But fear not! There are other ways to dye and be fabulous too!