January 1, 2017

5 Water Saving Tips

Energy usage through water heating can account for up to 25% of all home power usage. Therefore it’s a great idea to see where savings can be made, not only to reduce usage of natural resources, but also to save dollars when the quarterly bill hits the mailbox.

DIY Flavoured Water and Other Fun Summer Drinks

Looking to make a change for the new year? How about try making flavoured waters and fun summer drinks? We all know the bad things about fizzy drinks, Coke, Pepsi, sugary juices and the explosion of drinks filled with guarana and caffeine. So let’s leave those bad guys behind and make our own!

Aussie wins the James Dyson Award with AIRDROP

Airdrop is a a lo-tech air harvester aims to alleviate the effect of drought on agriculture.

Ground Up Green Ideas For Home

So there I was. Seated and sweating bullets. You see, I’d been asked some questions about the future by a journo of the future. He asked about the collision of technology and “eco-friendliness” in the years to come – and as usual that got me to thinking. How should a household step into a tech […]

Davy’s Quick Tip #2: Polly Put The Kettle On.

We, as subservient members of the British Empire, love to quaff a cuppa at any time of the day with nary an excuse needed. Whether it be by mug, cup, infuser, or pot – we’re loving it. We’re saying pass the honey, honey. Pass the sugar, sugar. And pass the tea, bag. And getting slapped. […]

Innovation of the Week: Making a Week’s Worth of Rain Last the Whole Year

We think of deserts as dry wastelands incapable of food production.  Surprisingly, there is often enough rainfall to support vegetation.  The problem is that most of this water falls only over the course of one week and pools in aquifers a meter below the surface.  

Are you still buying bottled water? You need to stop!

I know at times we get caught out without our reusable bottles, or you may be trying to cut back on buying bottled water altogether and just starting a plastic free journey but really we need to be more aware especially now that the Environment Working Group have released their findings about what’s in your […]

Innovation of the week: Keeping it Cool… and Hot

Every summer, many farmers and gardeners re-learn the sometimes unfortunate reality that the weather is out of their control. Vegetables wilt in the heat and the rain never seems to come when it’s needed.

Water redistribution. Good or bad idea?

Here in the mid-latitudes of west-coastal Mexico we are drowning again in way too much water and if I stay in the shower for a half an hour, nobody would blink an eye. Old habits die hard though and I still have my Aussie shower timer and don’t stay longer than I need to. Why […]

Drinking Green while Travelling

We all know that bottled water is the absolute scourge of the earth and we really need to start cutting back on buying these products – but how do we do that while travelling?