Have you gone out for your usual Friday night Chinese take away and just realised how many plastic boxes, forks, spoons and napkins you end up getting? It all adds up! That is where TakeOut WithOut comes in to help!

It takes approximately 20 seconds to put our food into take out containers. Convenient? No, it’s actually inconvenient since the packaging can remain in our landfills forever, causing continued damage to us and our world. The American population tosses out enough paper bags and plastic cups, forks and spoons every year to circle the equator 300 times (www.cleanair.org). TakeOutWithOut exists to help you to fill your stomach, not the landfill.


and every little bit counts. We can’t aim for perfection, but we can aim for improvement by saying NO to unnecessary packaging and even toting our own reusables. TakeOutWithOut – enjoy your food, save your money, improve your health and help our planet!

Together we will reduce waste dramatically and will be raising awareness to the outrageous amount of unnecessary waste we create everyday.

ReFuse Unnecessary Stuff
When taking out, refuse the unnecessary packaging! Think about the spoons, forks, straws, and napkins that you get served (why do they give you enough for a family of 20 when eating alone?). Ask yourself before accepting all these items, “Do I really need all of this?”, “Am I going to be eating this right away?” (If so, why take the bag or the napkins)… just enjoy your muffin – and be neat so the napkin isn’t needed!

ReTake Your Own Reusables
Bring your own reusables (BYOR) and you won’t need to use the can – garbage, that is. You can bring your own containers, straws, cutlery, mugs, bottles, and even your own bag – It’s so easy to find and use!

ReConsider Your Habits
It’s easy to fall into a routine, so why not choose to create a new one? Reconsider and readjust your habits and adopt healthier eating strategies – it might be challenging at first – but it will save you time, money, your health, and our world. The bonus? You’ll feel like an eco-hero and will inspire others around you to follow suit

Try it the next time you are heading for your favourite take away place and take your reusable containers with you!

Let us know how it goes!

Images by Beth Terry & TakeOut WithOut

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