December 29, 2016

The Deodorant Dilemma – DIY or not?

I have completely swore off the regular style deodorants! Mainly due to them not working and I become a stink bug in no time, but also since they contain a myriad of things that may make me sick!

Currently I have been using the LUSH deodorant bar – Aromarant. It works brilliantly, and so far 1 stick has lasted me over 3 months and counting!

Though I am considering using a product that I can hand make myself, these are a few recipes I have found on the internet:

How About Orange – How to make your own deodorant

Essential Day Spa – DIY deodorants

Instructables – Deodorant

DeodorantMore DIY How To Projects

What kind of deodorant are you using? Have you tried a make your own deodorant and did it work?
Let me know and I can try your recipe out!

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  1. Hi!
    I actually made a deodorant spray using the natural crystal alum dissolved in filtered rainwater and added some essential oils. I sell it on my website – it is not cheap but very effective; quite a few male friends never use anything else and it’s the only deodorant so far to keep ‘teenage sweat’ at bay. 100% natural and long lasting!


    • wow! Sounds pretty good if it can keep the dreaded “teenage sweat” away!!! :)

      I have heard good things about natural crystal deodorants!

  2. Baking soda! Just dust it on, it works well enough although I haven’t really tried it in the heat of summer. As a deo, rather than an antiperspirant of course.

    • Does it leave any white marks on your clothing and how on earth do you dust it on up your arm? Wouldn’t it all dust off?
      I will give this a try though!