Are you a bar of soap kind of person or a body wash type of person? Growing up my family were soap people. My mother refused to spend any money on body wash as she hated the packaging and thought that we would just waste it (we were kids!). She was probably right!
At Christmas time I would usually find a body wash amongst my presents from an Aunt and Uncle who just didn’t know what to purchase the teen niece and it wouldn’t last very long at all.

Now as an adult and the one makes the purchasing decisions in my own house, I still stick to the soap bars over body wash but this time it is for so much more then it obviously is less expensive, and it saves packaging waste. The average bar of soap lasts for about twenty showers, whereas a sixteen-ounce bottle of body wash lasts for an average of eighty showers. But body wash costs on average more than four times as much as soap, roughly 2.5 million pounds of plastic containers could be diverted from the waste stream.

Makes sense to use soap right!

I am a big fan of natural soaps, anything with a little tea tree oil in it or a oaty bar thats slightly rough.

A great soap that is around right now is the Billie Goat Soap – yes this soap is made from fresh goat’s milk.The milk is combined with a selection of skin loving oils, including olive, sweet almond, castor, grapeseed and palm oil. There are no colours or fragrances added. oooo lush!

Another brand of soap I LOVE is the New Zealand Living Nature (these are expensive so if anyone feels like sending me some, I would be happy to take it !) and they are hand made in New Zealand with natural organic products and they smell amazing!

But you don’t have to spend a fortune on soaps The Body Shop have their famous glycerine bar and Lush stock a massive range of soaps to suit any skin and for a range of prices depending on the weight you buy.

What type of soap do you love, or do you go down the make your own route? I am yet to make my own soaps so suggest a recipe and I will give it a go!

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