Are you doing a little building or renovating? Have you considered what kind of wood you will use? Well you probably should considering every year around the world, seven million hectares of ancient forest are logged, cleared or severely degraded. That’s 20 soccer fields a minute!

Greenpeace aims to help you make an informed, environmentally responsible decision when buying wood and wood products. Only buy good wood by checking the online Good Wood Guide to Australian timber suppliers. Support the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a scheme that ensures timber is from responsibly managed forests and plantations.


What is Good Wood?

Good Wood comes from ethical and ecologically sustainable sources. When you choose Good Wood, you support a solution to deforestation and related climate change, you protect unique biodiversity and you help local forest communities find alternatives to poverty and loss of livelihood.

See more here at the Good Wood Guide and read this PDF of 5 Best and Worst Imported Timbers in Australia

Images & Info via Greenpeace Australia

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