Have you ever wondered who these people are and what this sticker on a product actually does for the world?

You can read all about it in detail on their website here, but here are the Cliff notes on the setup.

It has been going since 1987.

It was set up to identify companies that look after bio-diversity and the life of workers who plant, harvest and process foods and plants that are grown in areas that once were forests.  Replacement of forests is essential.

There are 35,000 members of the Rainforest Alliance world wide but many millions of supporters who buy the products.

Surprisingly, big companies like Costco actually market their products (coffee for instance) as Rainforest Alliance certified which means that some actually have a conscience.

The Alliance verifies, certifies, trains and informs all people in the process and are stringent in their testing.  You can’t just buy their seal of approval. You have to earn it, unlike some other ‘approval’ schemes.

Actress Mary Stuart Masterson is on the Board.

It is worth going to their site and having a read because it is important for consumers to make themselves aware of the best ways to make this a fairer and greener world.

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