The whole purpose of technology is to improve the way of life of the people using it. Despite this, as civilization becomes more and more advanced, the more stressed out and unhappy people seem to find themselves. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to live a simpler life, the way your grandparents did? They had far less than people do now but they were much happier. More and more people are finding themselves desiring to live a simpler life. This is the natural response to the stresses that people face on a daily basis, from the job it takes to fund this life of “more”, to the pressures people put on themselves to excel.

In order to lead this simpler lifestyle, one would have to examine their priorities and their expectations on how their life should be. One way to simplify your life is to live within or below your means. If you can do this, it will not only help you to become more and more debt free, it will give you a handy nest egg for retirement. You can use that nest egg that you can use to have a far better lifestyle during retirement than you would have if you were used to spending every penny.


Another lesson to learn from your grandparents would be to not pay someone to do anything that you can do for yourself. For instance, change your own oil, mow your own lawn. Not only will being more self sufficient make you feel better about yourself, that’s less money that’s being spend and that has be earned for your budget.

Grow and preserve as much of your own food as possible. It’s far healthier than the canned fruits and vegetables that you buy at the grocery store. It also saves you a good bit of money to grow your own food. If you can preserve the food you grown by canning it, it will help you save even more money.

One thing that many learned from their grandparents is that there is free sources of entertainment all over the place. You can borrow movies from the library, play card or board games together, knit, or even just sit and talk. As you and your family enjoy spending time together, not only will you save money but you’ll be creating memories that last a lifetime. Remember, every penny that you can save is less money that you have to stress over earning. It’s money that you can put towards your retirement nest egg.

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