We have said it time and time again, there really are things we can now start to live without. The great thing about people in general is we can learn and adapt to new situations – and this time we have to start pairing down our lives to remove some of the things that are unnecessary and bad for the environment.

We don’t encourage people to wake up one day and say “yes, today is the day! I will completely change my life and my home in one big sweeping movement” we know it isn’t that simple and it takes time to adjust to new things.

1. Paper receipts and bills
Do we really need all these paper receipts and bills? Majority of time we glance at them once then put them in the recycling bin. There has to be a better way to run this system considering it takes trees and chemicals to create these receipts that litter our cars, handbags and wallets!
Until there are better systems in place, say no to receipts if you don’t need them.

2. Disposable plates, cups and cutlery
Regardless of if they are made of paper or plastic, these are disposable items that create tons of waste. Plastic disposables are usually made up of a mix of plastics which cannot be recycled in our systems and end up being landfill. Obviously this is easy to change by using non disposable options! At a picnic, take your own cutlery and glasses in your basket or if you are having a large function, just add extra time to do the dishes and get some people to help you out.

3. Paper towels, disposable cloths, wipers and dusters
Using our resources to make these disposable products is pure waste when we have reusable alternatives. Paper towels can easily be replaced with cloth napkins or just using separate tea towels. Disposable dusting clothes can be replaced with feather or those fuzzy dusters. We just have to remember what our parents used to use and go back to it.

4. Plastic shopping bags
The damage the plastic shopping bag does is just not worth it anymore – sea creatures swallowing the pieces, it breaks apart in our oceans and poisons fish, it sits in our landfills being pulled apart by crows ugh. Enough already! Use reusable bags. Keep them in your purse, car, work bag, school bag, hand bag, pocket – whatever you need to remember to use it.

5. Bottled water
Bottled water is a luxury. It is necessary in areas where water sources are polluted and where tap water is not of suitable drinking quality, but everywhere else tap water is generally a better option for the environment and perfectly ok to drink. Use a reusable bottle – done!

6. Toothpicks
When we think about it, toothpicks are useful, but almost entirely unnecessary. Modern advances in dentistry and toothbrush technology almost eliminate the need for the toothpick entirely. If they weren’t available, would people forget they needed them in the first place?

7. Disposable Nappies
Nappies have a major impact on the environment when they are buried in landfills and from all the paper and plastic needed to create them. The average baby uses over 6000 diapers until they are old enough to stop! Give washable nappies a go, just like our parents, grand parents, great grand parents etc did!

8. Non-rechargeable batteries
Using rechargeable batteries is a no brainer. Yes, they do usually cost a few bucks more for the initial purchase, and may use small amount of electricity to recharge. However, being able to reuse them over and over again outweighs both of these costs and results in much less potentially harmful waste.

9. Disposable razors
Disposable razors are a waste. They are generally of poor quality, meaning they don’t last long and they end up in landfills rather quickly. Try waxing, a non disposable razor or just rockin’ the hairy look!

10. Air freshener
If a room needs an air freshener because of bad smells, then there is likely a need for a more intense cleaning, as opposed to merely masking the problem. Air fresheners have been found to contain the controversial, potentially harmful substance, phthalates. If you want to help fragrance your room try our DIY room diffuser or how about soy candles?

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