Australia is looking to introduce a Carbon Tax and while we may not know all the details at the moment, consider this a fantastic opportunity to get your business into shape!

So where do you start?

Call a staff meeting in your office and invite everyone to contribute their ideas on how to reduce your energy costs. Get everyone on board early which will help keep the plan in place.

People will want to get involved if their ideas are heard and their input is considered – remember not everyone believes in climate change but helping keep the business in and under budget might be more of an incentive.

Look around the office and work out what can be changed:

  • lighting, using sensor lights in some areas of the office, use natural light more efficiently
  • Install an office kill switch that can be turned on and off at the end of the day
  • Are you able to install solar power
  • What computer peripherals can you do without such as older printers and fax machines (you could even try being without a printer!)
  • In your office kitchen what can be fixed, make sure your kettle is switched off at nights and microwave is switched off in between uses
  • Make sure all staff turn off computers and monitors every night

What other things can you set up in your office?

Don’t forget – this will also apply to you if you work from home!

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