Feralscan is an Australia-wide ‘citizen science’ project, inviting anyone to spot, collect and report visual or other evidence of feral animals and their impacts.

Feralscan encourages you to participate by reporting sightings of rabbits, camels, myna birds, foxes and soon feral pigs and wild dogs to provide essential nation-wide information on these huge feral problems.

Set up over individual sites; RabbitScan, CamelScan, FoxScan, FeralPigScan, MynaScan, WildDogScan, each site covers information about the aniaml, the damage it causes, it’s general location and what we are doing to help contain the plagues.

Using the Google Maps API, you are able to participate by noting down when you see these animals and track where they are.

Source: Andrew Tatnell

For instance, Myna birds which may appear to be a minor (no pun intended!) problem actually are very damaging to native birds who compete for nesting hollows and resources, they also damage fruit, crops, grain and stock feeds. They also aggressively chase out other birds species and eat your pet food left outside for your animals!

Jan Ferguson, Managing Director of Ninti One Limited, the organisation managing the Australian Feral Camel Management Project said,

With estimates of more than one million feral camels spread across over 3 million square kilometres and four states and territories, and an annual damage bill of over $10 million, we need community support to track and monitor significant populations and sites being damaged.


Helicopters have been used to muster feral camels. Source: Hans Boessem

So time to get outside and track these pests!


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