Before I begin, this post is in no way paid for or am I affiliated with this company. I am just a fan of the idea, which is try before you buy pet chickens. That’s right – a chicken rental program!
The “try before you buy” model is great. I love it especially with products you are just not sure about and nowadays try before you buy even extends to things like books on Amazon having a few pages you can read and we all love a free sample of bread from bakeries!

But Rent-A-Chook took this idea one step further and actually offers a few egg laying chickens for you care for on a trial basis!

This is such a fantastic idea! You get to give it a go without committing to pet chickens but they do warn that once you have had the pleasure of a rich, gooey, fresh, home grown egg, you won’t ever be satisfied with the bland, pasty, shop-bought offerings again!

I have always wanted to keep a few a chickens, I think they are lovely to watch and listen to (unless you have a rooster and it is 6am!!!) with the added bonus of fresh eggs. The idea of try before you buy makes it even more tempting. I have a very small courtyard, not really any grass so I think it would be a challenge to keep chickens (and to keep them happy) but if you had an area that was grassed I think they would be fantastic pets.

The business works on a try-before-you-buy model – customers buy a fully-equipped chook pen, along with hens, food and straw, and have up to six weeks to decide whether or not they’d like to keep chooks on a permanent basis.

If customers decide to return the chooks and coop, their deposit is returned. Longer trials are also an option if customers can’t make a decision within the six-week timeframe.

So if you are considering adding some feathered friends to your family and live in the NSW region, then have a look at Rent-A-Chook and see if they are right for you!

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