December 30, 2016

Try Before You Buy… with chickens!

Before I begin, this post is in no way paid for or am I affiliated with this company. I am just a fan of the idea, which is try before you buy pet chickens. That’s right – a chicken rental program!
The “try before you buy” model is great. I love it especially with products you are just not sure about and nowadays try before you buy even extends to things like books on Amazon having a few pages you can read and we all love a free sample of bread from bakeries!

But Rent-A-Chook took this idea one step further and actually offers a few egg laying chickens for you care for on a trial basis!

This is such a fantastic idea! You get to give it a go without committing to pet chickens but they do warn that once you have had the pleasure of a rich, gooey, fresh, home grown egg, you won’t ever be satisfied with the bland, pasty, shop-bought offerings again!

I have always wanted to keep a few a chickens, I think they are lovely to watch and listen to (unless you have a rooster and it is 6am!!!) with the added bonus of fresh eggs. The idea of try before you buy makes it even more tempting. I have a very small courtyard, not really any grass so I think it would be a challenge to keep chickens (and to keep them happy) but if you had an area that was grassed I think they would be fantastic pets.

The business works on a try-before-you-buy model – customers buy a fully-equipped chook pen, along with hens, food and straw, and have up to six weeks to decide whether or not they’d like to keep chooks on a permanent basis.

If customers decide to return the chooks and coop, their deposit is returned. Longer trials are also an option if customers can’t make a decision within the six-week timeframe.

So if you are considering adding some feathered friends to your family and live in the NSW region, then have a look at Rent-A-Chook and see if they are right for you!

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  1. There is someone (virtually) just around the corner from me in Canberra who does this too. We have had chooks for years, but my Mum is now considering ‘renting’ some to see if it’s something she would like to do as well. This is such a great idea.

    • I totally agree it is a great idea!

      If your mum decides to do it, let us know how she gets on with them. Maybe you could rent a few of your chickens for her to try!