When it comes to choosing a Christmas gift, what factors guide your decision? Is it cost? Aesthetics? Quality? Fashion?

How about whether the product has been produced and distributed in a sustainable and fair way, or whether it contributes to the social and environmental good of our planet? This is the concept behind the booming market for ethical products and gifts.

While there’s no universal definition for what constitutes an ethical product, the term  generally refers to merchandise that “gives back” to either people or the planet.

Ethical products include those that fall under the “Fair Trade” label – a certification scheme that aims to ensure producers receive a fair price for their goods; products that promote environmental sustainability; products that provide a social or economic benefit to vulnerable communities; and products that help raise funds for charities and other organisations working for a better world.

But what does all this mean for your Christmas Gifts?

It’s easy to choose Christmas gifts that are beautiful, useful, and also make a difference to the world.

Here’s some ideas for how you can find other great ethical gifts for your friends, family and colleagues this Christmas:


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